Hiding Behind the Lipstick with Preachers of LA’s Myesha Chaney


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Myesha Chaney’s book signing at Tha After Party Radio. I want to thank Montana Mitchem for inviting me to be a part of this book signing. All the media who attended were gifted with a signed copy of Myesha’s book, her new album, and a copy of Heart&Soul Magazine.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from Myesha. Even though she was my favorite on Preachers of LA, I just knew she’d be Hollywood upon meeting her in person. Boy, was I wrong. She strolled in with flawless makeup and her hair laid, in a gorgeously polished black ensemble. Though she looked like a diva, she was far from it. Her graceful nature and candid personality made for a great evening with her.

We got to giggle over some of the funny things that only women can relate to with one another, but also got to share some of the deeper things that women struggle with. Myesha let us in on the beginning of her journey to stop “hiding behind the lipstick.” She revealed to us that she wore a mask of perfectionism. No matter how much she accomplished in her life, she never felt satisfied because she had been stuck trying to prove to the kids who teased her and made her feel unpretty and unworthy that she was, in fact, valuable. ¬†One year for the annual women’s conference at her church she shared her struggle and her story in hopes that it would provoke other women to do the same. That incidence created a bond and closeness she had never experienced before, which breathed life into her book Hiding Behind the Lipstick, and sparked a tour by the same name. It serves as a call for women to truly reveal ourselves, instead of hiding who we are to fit a mold.

She brought a freshness to the discussion of Christianity in the modern world that left me feeling incredibly impressed with her. She does not compromise her morals or values, but understands that it’s important to remain relevant to the population at large, because saved people are already saved. What’s the point if you’re not reaching those who don’t come to church? What good is the faith then? Her open mindedness without the compromise of her convictions is much needed in this world that seems to believe Christianity, like any other buzz word, is only necessary for controversy rather than holding any real value.

I was so taken with her grace and eloquence, but please believe, she kept it real. Myesha has come a long way from being a little girl in Oakland, struggling to make it to a singer/songwriter, preacher, published author, and reality TV star; however, she can still hang! She possesses such an infectiously beautiful spirit, full of joy, confidence, and grace. I’m so glad I got to meet her, and she’s still my favorite. If you get a chance to checkout her book and album, please do. You won’t be disappointed!

xoxo Kaisha




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