2k15 Countdown (13 days): Face Your Fears

I’m counting down to the New Year! Each day I’m gonna post a lesson I learned or one of my highlights from 2014 to bring in the new year.

In 2014 I decided that I was going to stare my fears dead in the eye. I think I won that contest. Every time something made me afraid, I forced myself to do it. My bucket list got shorter and shorter as the year went on. Looking back, I can’t believe I did some of the things I did.

I used to be terrified of birds. I looked one dead in the eye. Now, I don’t even flinch when they flutter around me. I was afraid of public speaking, but delivered some bombtastic presentations this year. I was afraid  to get back in the pool at the gym. I avoided it at all costs. But baby, I dove in this year. I started an organization and registered my DBA, and started planning my first brunch (which will be in January). I started promoting my blog more. I even got business cards. I attended events. Networking events. By myself. Big deal for an introvert! I went on a few trips, and dyed my hair blonde…and then purple.  I can’t count all the other random things I forced myself to do this year. Some of them were, obviously, more significant than others. But the end result is what matters.

The point of it all was to demonstrate that fear isn’t inherently bad. Everyone experiences it at one point or another. It’s normal. However, fear is a less than pitiful excuse not to do the things you want to do in life. Lesson learned.

IMG_4018 IMG_4096 IMG_4147cropped-20140423-005646.jpg 20140724-153653-56213624.jpgKISSCO logo IMG_6682

xoxo Kaisha


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