How to Get Over Jealousy

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We’re all human and we’ve all been hit by the green-eyed monster at one point or another. I’ve written a million times about this super filtered world we live in and how I believe it has affected the way we feel about ourselves. In this world, it’s easy (and probably intentional) to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to compare our lives to others’ and to feel somewhat inadequate. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Companies spend millions and billions of dollars making us feel like crap so that we’ll buy into the next craze (pun intended). So, when you’re feeling the funk, and that monster starts to eat away at your security, here are 3 tips you can use to get over your jealousy.

 Escape the matrix
Sometimes other people’s good fortune comes at really vulnerable times for you. There are few things more painful than having to suffer through the butterflies and whimsical romantic stories of your friend’s new found perfect soulmate hunk of a boyfriend while you mourn the loss of your broken relationship with the guy you thought you’d marry. Doing it in real life with your close friends is one thing, but at a time like this, the last thing you need to do is troll your IG and FB feeds forcing yourself to “like” all the “I SAID YES!” and “#[couplename]wedding” pictures. If you need to delete the apps for a while, don’t feel like a punk. Take your time and heal.

Water your own grass
You’ve got to know that what’s meant for you will always find you, and what’s not meant for you will always miss you. What someone else has may not be for you, that’s why you don’t have it. However, there is nothing wrong with seeing what someone else has accomplished and letting it motivate you to handle  your business to get the things you want for your life. Throw away your envy and turn it into inspiration. You get full by eating your dinner not by eyeballing someone else’s plate. You are unique,special, and talented in your own right. Work with what you’ve got and do the absolute most you can with it.

Don’t Judge the Highlight Reel
Most of the good stuff you see in people’s lives is exactly that: the good stuff. You’re jealous of someone’s banging body, but you’re not there to massage their sore muscles post-workout. You’re jealous of how much money someone has, but you don’t see the late nights, loneliness, and strained relationships that come along with it. For every great speaker, champion, entertainer, or anyone on any type of platform, there are countless unseen hours of blood, sweat, and tears that lead up to the mountain top moments that you get to see. They have the same struggles, insecurities, and ridicule as you. Maybe more. You can’t judge or fully understand the snapshot of their life that you get to see without seeing the full 360 view. Remember, you’re only seeing a snapshot.

I hope this helps. What are some of your tips for getting over jealousy?

xoxo Kaisha

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