Look What’s Trending (Guest Post from Regina the Style Bambina)

Hey ladies! I’m back, and here to spill the trending tea. Some of these fashions have become our new favorites, while others have been stealing our hearts (and closet space) for years.
Go Nude
Get your minds out of the gutter.. I’m talking about the color of course. We’ve seen countless nude looks played to perfection, from the red carpet to street wear. Nude is the new black, and you can flaunt the color in a number of ways. Be it a garment, heels, lipstick, or polish. But be mindful that not every nude is for everybody. Find the shade that works best with your skin complexion, and ROCK IT!
Button up with your button down
The button down look is a classic, that’s proven that it’s here to stay. If you’re going for a classy look, you can tuck your button down into your bottoms, and finish it off with a standout heel. For a more laid back look, keep your button down untucked (or partially tucked) and slide on your timbs or converse. For my all time favorite look, throw your button down on underneath a  sweater. You can add a little edge by using a plaid printed button down.
Let your hair down 
Believe it or not, hair is now trending. Long gone are the days of hair just being a part of our anatomy. Today it is seen as a fashion accessory; people take risks with their hair, in order to make it a statement all on its own. When you really think about it, the options of styles are endless. You can braid your hair, cut it, color it, pin it up, where it bone strait, add tight or loose curls, where an updo, rock the natural look etc. If you’re like me, and get bored with one look easily, switch it up as often as your mood.
Pack it on!
We are still yet to fully escape the winter season, so why not enjoy it while it lasts. One way that you’re guaranteed to stay warm, while still being fashion forward, is by packing on your garments. What you think “doesn’t match” actuality matches perfectly for this trend. Throw on your top, a sweater, jacket, scarf, a hat, whatever. The goal is to get as many items piled on, in order to create that regal look.
This is by far my favorite trend right now. Demin can go with just about anything, even itself. You can pair a denim top with denim pants or a skirt. When not being paired with itself, denim can go with just about any pair of bottoms that you already own in your closet. So go out today and grab a reliable denim top, you’ll be sure to get great use out of it.
I hope you enjoy these new and lasting trends, I know I will. Happy shopping!
 reginaToday’s guest post comes from Regina Thomas aka Regina the Style Bambina. Lover of Ole Miss, her family (especially her nieces and nephew), Chipotle steak bowls, travel, and home decor. When she’s not devoting her time to these things, you can find her coaching volleyball, scouring the interwebs for fashion inspiration, or in the library studying her coursework for her MS in Speech Pathology. Yep. She does it all.

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