Hair ADD: Sweet Like Honey ‘Do

Spring has sprung in the Triple D. While all the Dallas beauties and makeup junkies are bulking up their bag of tricks to keep their make up from melting away and their hair from going limp in the Texas heat, I decided to do something to help minimize my beauty routine.

I chopped all my hair off with a tapered fade and dyed it a honey blonde color. I have to admit that I was nervous at first because I have never gone quite this short and I just wasn’t sure how my face would look. Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about. I love it. I’m actually thinking about going lighter since the color has morphed into a kind of Malcolm X strawberry blonde-ish situation. It’s pretty much no maintenance. I have to get used to my face popping so much. Also, I didn’t realize that my dad and I both have the same lump in the back of our heads. But that’s beside the point.

Later on, I will do a blog post about being one of those short haired women, but right now, I’m just going to show you guys my new honey ‘do. 



 xoxo Kaisha

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