#AmbitiousGirlProblems|Gimme Some Sugar Daddy

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Deep-but not too deep- down inside every ambitious girl is the ever hovering, ever vexing knowledge that she could easily  trade in her Miss Independent sash for a Sugar Daddy. I know what you’re thinking. What happened to independence and girl power?

Listen, if you’re like me and you’re in your early twenties, that means the men in your dating pool are most likely in their twenties. For some reason or another, men don’t seem to acquire common sense until the very end of their twenties and it doesn’t reach its full culmination until they hit about 35. Don’t try to fight me on this one. Think of all the truly truly beyond decent men you know under the age of 27. Are they single? Didn’t think so. Any woman who has been married for a decade or longer will tell you about how she’s literally watched her husband start as a grown boy and become a man. Ask your mama. I’m not making this up.

Next, most of us are out here grinding in these streets. Most of us have  full-time gigs and at least one side hustle. We’re starting our careers and putting a lot of energy into networking. We’re trying to give back to our communities and shine a beam of light into this dark dark world. We’re trying to build new beneficial relationships that can help us get on (in one way or another), and break through that glass ceiling. We’re trying to get our money up and fight that battle between finally being able to afford the things we want and knowing that we need to invest wisely, because, after all, we are just starting.  We’re solidifying our identities and coming into our own as women. We’re finally proud of who we are and what we’re doing and where we’re going.

Where are we going? Wherever these goals take us. And while we’re out here chasing these dreams, we don’t have time to be chasing these men. It takes a lot of work to maintain a healthy relationship. As I stated in my introduction (see first paragraph), ain’t nobody got time for that. Every minute we spend looking for love-the real thing- a big booty Instagram queen with porcelain veneers and a perfectly trained waist bats her eyelash extensions and peers through her lofty apartment window (somewhere downtown) to  laugh at us. Here we are working so hard, while she’s working so smart *Jazmine Sullivan voice*. Capitalizing on her assets and bleeding her Sponsor dry. You can’t help but hate on the girl. It really does look like she’s living the life. Personal trainers, Birkin bags, beach vacations. Who needs that much vacation anyway? And who needs to go out for brunch that many times a week?!

That’s when it gets hard to be an ambitious girl. We understand that big booty IG girl is living it up, but that just isn’t the life for us. Our pride won’t let us go there. We want to be able to do it for ourselves. It might be easier to kick our feet up and let “daddy” take care of us, but we’re just not wired that way. Our money may be tight, and we may be sleep deprived now, but we know it’ll pay off later. A wise woman once said, “Don’t let what a man brings to the table be all you have to eat.” Though we may not get there, wherever that may be, overnight, at least we’ll be able to say that we were the ones driving. We got this. We do our own stunts.

In the meantime, vibe to Jazmine Sullivan’s “Mascara” for today’s post inspiration. **EXPLICIT LYRIC WARNING FOR  MY MOTHER**
She may make you think twice 😉

xoxo Kaisha

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