My Top 10 Beauty Secrets

my top10 beauty secrets

If all goes according to plan, I am currently several thousand feet in the air about to celebrate my friend’s graduation from LAW SCHOOL! Vic, you did it girl!

So, I know you probably clicked this post expecting to find out about microdermabrasion and MAC. Sorry to disappoint you, but you’ll have to find some beauty blog for that 😉 . This post is in response to my friend Krystal’s blog post yesterday about women embracing their true beauty. Women are taught that beauty is super important, but also taught that no matter what we do or how pretty we are it will never be sufficient. The beauty industry is probably one of the most lucrative because it preys on women’s beliefs that it is our duty to society to be pretty and if we are not deemed as such then we’re unworthy. But that’s just it. We’ve been convinced of a lie.

I’m not going to pretend that being attractive doesn’t have its perks. However, I can say that beauty is way more than skin deep. It’s an interesting thing. Women are encouraged to constantly strive to be beautiful, but are discouraged and shamed for referring to themselves (ourselves) as beautiful. I think now’s as good a time as any to do away with the negative emotions we’ve assigned with “beauty”.

I think it’s perfectly okay to be beautiful because I’m  pretty convinced that it isn’t so much about how full your eyelashes look or how flat your stomach looks in a pencil skirt (because those things are unforgiving) and more to do with what you believe about yourself. We all have this divine DNA that runs through us. How could we not believe that we are beautiful? So I want to participate in the exercise that Krystal recommended in her blog post and list 10 beautiful things about myself. And I want you to do the same 🙂

Reasons Why I’m Beautiful (according to me)
1. My smile is contagious (and I use fluoride free toothpaste)
2. I accept criticism and recognize when it’s constructive and I need to change
3. I have survived my nightmares
4. I try to understand people instead of judging them
5. I check myself when I do judge
6. I support my friends in the things they’re passionate about
7. I give  myself permission to flourish
8. I SLAY a poppin’ lip color and winged eyeliner
9. I do things I’m passionate about even when I’m terrified and/or when others don’t get it
10. I look in the mirror with or without makeup, breakouts or clear skin,on my best and worst days, and consistently love the girl looking back at me.

Your turn!

xoxo Kaisha

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