Date Night Outfit Ideas (Guest Post from Regina the Style Bambina)

Dating. Just that word in itself can be scary as an adult. Long gone are the days of a simple summer time fling. Now with the first date you’re thinking… should I wait for him to open the door for me, do we kiss when he drops me off, will he call me the next day? And if they survive the first date, you’re wondering what kind of stability they can bring into your life, what kind of long term goals they have, what’s their credit score looking like, and was he really telling the truth when he said that he didn’t have any kids? Dating can be overwhelming, but one thing that you shouldn’t stress over is your look. We often say that women dress for other women, but I don’t believe that that statement is entirely true. Men take notice of a woman who carries herself with a certain level of confidence, and for many of us, how we look is how we feel. Impressions are everything, and the way that you’re dressed can say a lot about yourself. So why not give the boys a show on date night!
Dinner and a movie
I think that men all get together and decide, when in doubt, go for dinner and a movie! This is a classic date night idea, that leaves room for you to flaunt your own personal style. You can never go wrong with a cute maxi dress for this night out. It provides comfort and also shows off a little bit of shape. With cooler weather, you can always play it safe with a pair of jeans and a cute top or blazer. Blazers: the answer to world peace.
Day to night
These date ideas usually begin with something active or some sort of daytime entertainment, and end with dinner or a casual night on the town. When putting this look together, be sure that the garments look just as good paired with heels as they would with a  pair of converse. The goal is to only change your shoes, and maybe add some jewelry and lipstick in order to transition the outfit from day to night.
Love in the Club
Going out to a bar or nightclub is a great way to spruce up a relationship. It’s also a great way to check out the guys friends (birds of a feather flock together). So grab your girlfriends and that little black dress and meet him out! Be sure that you’re in an outfit that makes you stand out amongst the crowd. For all my smalls out there, heels are a MUST!
Whether a first date, or spouses night out, these ideas will be sure to have him coming back for more. Here are a few lasting key points to keep in mind: always be comfortable, leave just a little bit to the imagination, make sure the outfit is versatile, blazers are the answer to world peace, and never brake the bank! Always work from the inside-out; start with what‘s already in your closet, then work your way to the stores. Goodluck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Be the most fabulous YOU,
Xoxo Regina the style Bambina
 If you liked this post check out Regina’s posts on affordable fashion, and some of the latest trends. For even more style inspiration find Regina on Instagram @Reggie_ocho!

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