How Your Drama is Fuel for Your Destiny

drama is fuel

I’m convinced that drama can be good for you. Of course, it needs to be in moderation and you don’t need to be involving yourself in situations to cause drama, but the after affects can be great if you learn the lesson. I’m reminded of the chapter in The Road Less Traveled about the healthiness of depression when I say this. Sometimes, the troublesome times in our lives are the pushes we need to move forward.  Think about it.

You knew a long time ago that you needed to break up with your psychotic boyfriend, but you kept rationalizing the reasons why you should stick it out. That is, until he shows up at your apartment in the middle of the night beating down your door and throws your cell phone over the balcony when you try to call someone for help. After you stop trembling and admit that being in this relationship is self harm, you’re like bruh, I don’t need this. Then you let him work out his insecurities on a punching bag that isn’t you.

You know you need to be living a healthy lifestyle but succumb to  laziness and (my weakness) Mexican food on the daily. That is until your Doctor shows you your numbers and you have to take out a loan to cover all of the prescriptions you wouldn’t have to be on if you stopped treating your body like a trash can.

You get the point. I know that 2015 has been one of the most remarkable years of personal growth for me. I’ve had too many fin de sieclé  moments to count that have forced me to change and forced me to grow. As much as I’d like to credit  my own wisdom and will power, the real things that catapulted me into this season of growth stem from the frustration and disappointment I had because of the drama in my life. I got tired of it all. It forced me to remove myself from certain situations. It  forced me to focus on myself and my goals. It forced me to stop hiding, and bending, and bowing, and to stand up tall (or as tall as I can possibly get).

With the exception of a few remarkable species, most plant seeds have to be buried in dirt before they break the surface and sprout. We are like plants. The dark, underground parts of our lives are the times when our seeds are being buried and nurtured. In those times, we’re soaking up all that we need to give us the building blocks to sprout. Our roots get deeper, and we get stronger. Eventually, all the growth that happens in the dark will force us out of a space that we are no longer fit to occupy.

So when you don’t get a call back from that job interview, and when you realize that your friends don’t really have your back, and when you feel like you’re lost and you can’t see your way, know that it has a purpose. You are only being prepared so that you can be pushed to move on to better things.

xoxo Kaisha

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