Something Old, Something New

something old something new

This past weekend was spent doing truly enriching things. I’ve come to realize the importance of slowing down, being still, and taking in the small precious moments in life. These moments are so often drowned out by the noise of excess. I’ve been making a deliberate effort to simplify and quiet my life, taking steps to rid it of the things that only usher in chaos. You know what I’ve found? Peace. There’s an inexplicable joy in stillness, in quiet.

As of late, I’ve been overwhelmed with great experiences. I bought my first car! A Toyota Corolla which I’ve named Coco. We’ve been rolling tough! When I saw how far I could drive without filling that thing up again; when I saw how reasonable gas was for that thing, I had a whole praise break. It’s funny how I had learned to be grateful in my Jeep, my gas guzzling jeep, for so long that it’s a habit for me to thank God for the little things. That new car smell, that gas mileage, that filling up without having to make life decisions. So so sweet. Respect your struggle, because it will make you appreciate your come up.

toyota corolla

I also got to attend a very intimate bridal shower of one of my longest friends. She is the definition of lowkey, and our celebration was perfect for her. We started with dinner at Del Frisco’s, then took the soiree back to our friend Darian’s where we enjoyed a lil vino, sweets, games, and great convo. It was so nice to be in a room of people who are only there for genuine love and support, whom you can be your real self with. I’m so happy for Tauni and Brandon on their recent nuptials! They are perfect for each other and I wish them an entire lifetime of memories, love, and dedication.

toilet paper bride

bridal showertauni and brandon engagement photo

xoxo Kaisha

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