Regina the Style Bambina Takes Georgia! Best Wishes!

If someone asked me the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from you, I would say “Walk by faith.” I have watched you work tirelessly toward your dreams for years. I have seen you persevere through the bleakest of circumstances with your head held high. I have seen you overcome every single obstacle that has come your way with impeccable style and grace. I have seen you walk by faith and not by sight in the most literal of ways. I have seen you grow and trust God more than ever all the while inspiring and pushing others to reach their full potential. Thank you for all of the counseling, cheerleading, and reality checking that you’ve done for me. You’ve enriched my life in too many ways to count.

I’m so proud of you for embarking on this new journey. I know that you’ll excel in everything you do because that’s just what you do! I pray that even when you’re by yourself in a new city, you’ll constantly be reminded of the huge support system you have. I pray that even when the loneliness creeps in you’ll be reminded that we’re all with you and that, more importantly, God is with you. I pray that when you get frustrated or want to give up or get unsure about where you’re going, you’ll remember that you are living a prayer to which the answer was “Yes.” I pray that you’ll be reminded that the ONLY way you got where you are is because God did the impossible for you, so there’s no room to doubt whether or not this is the path for you. I pray that when you get tired you’ll be reminded of how much you’ve already overcome. And if you start acting a fool, you know there’s at least a room full of people only one plane ride away ready and willing to come knock some sense into you and then encourage you to keep pushing, just like you’ve done for us over the years.

I wish I could find the words to tell you how much your life has inspired me, but I can’t. Just know that I can’t pass by a MAC, watch Selena, or listen to Pretty Hurts without thinking about you. When I smell fresh coffee brewing I expect you to be nearby. I even think of you at work when I see Better Homes & Gardens in my magazine distribution list. Oh, and you know I don’t get dressed for anything important without running it by you!

What I’m saying is, girl, you’re all in my heart. I’ve been blessed by having you in my life. I wish you all the best in grad school. With your love for the kids and your knack for helping people get their lives in order (by any means necessary, haha) you’re gonna be the best speech pathologist on this side of the Mississippi!

While you’re away, I promise to work on my time management skills and to keep strange men away from Esther and the smalls (you know you’re our bodyguard).
I love you Gina baby!

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xoxo Kaisha (your other small 😉 )

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