3 Things You Need to Help You Set & Keep Great New Year Goals

If you’ve been struggling to make and meet your goals every year, this is for you.

If you’re my friend on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram (do it now!), then you know I’ve been spending the last couple of days talking about New Year goals. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I believe in getting that head start. You want to be in full swing come January, not fumbling around trying to change your life in the dead of winter. New Year’s resolutions fail because that January 1st hype dies down quickly when real life kicks in. If you start a few months prior, you’ll give yourself the time it requires to make gradual, lasting changes instead of going 0-60 right over the edge of that holiday cliff.

Here I’ve broken down goal setting into three basic “–ibilities” to help you get on track and stay on track for the upcoming year.

goal setting


It’s important to set small measurable goals. I’m all for thinking big, but I’m also for being realistic. Big things are impossible without small things. An airplane flying in the sky is impossible without the nuts and bolts holding it together. You know what happens to airplanes with important albeit small pieces missing? They explode. Your goals are the nuts and bolts of your dream. They need to be measured with precision.

  • Make them small
  • Make them specific
  • Make them action oriented (use verbs!)
  • Give them numeric values.

Ex: Dream- Publish a book
1. Write one chapter per month
2. Research publishers 1 hour every weekend
3. Finish editing by Sept 25
4. Contact 5 publishers per week

Got it? Now you try!

I 100% recommend finding someone who is also goal oriented to be your accountability partner. I started this last year with my long time amazing friend. Hey Bemnet! We checked in on the phone or in person once a month to see where we stood on our goals. I literally couldn’t wait to call her and say “hey I did this! I finished this!”, but it was equally exciting to hear all the things she was accomplishing. Also, we have no problem telling each other, “Girl. Do better. How are we going to correct this next month?” You need that.

Of course, it goes without saying; you have to be accountable to yourself. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t get the results. If you choose to give subpar effort, no accountability partner can help you. You’re only disappointing yourself. Don’t let you down!

Let’s face it, things change. Sometimes you’ll trek along with something and then realize you don’t really want it. Sometimes life happens and certain goals have to be broken down or postponed because they’re just not feasible anymore. That’s okay. You have to give yourself permission to ebb and flow (but not punk out) as necessary.

Your numbers and deadlines give you something solid to reach for, but if you’re giving absolute maximum effort and you’re still not meeting them it’s okay. If you realize that you don’t care enough to give maximum effort to that particular goal because it’s not important to you, accept it and know that that’s okay too!

It’s your life and they’re your goals and you need to tailor them for you!

Xoxo Kaisha

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