What’s Trending: Fall Fashion for Ladies AND Gents (Guest Post from Regina the Style Bambina)

Feels so good to be back!!! As most know, I recently relocated from Texas to Georgia this August. While the break was essential to focus on school, fashion waits for no man/woman! Today we’re all inclusive, and will take a look at what’s trending for both men and women this season. So let’s get right to it, and as always, ladies first.

I hate to “wine”… but MERLOT!
This shade has become the talk of the season! You can find it everywhere from nail colors to handbags. It can be used as a great statement piece up against a one-dimensional ensemble, i.e all-black. While it’s the must have shade of the season, try not to go overboard, keep it simple. Other colors to be on the lookout for right now include army green, nude, mauve, and black of course.


Pretty Woman
What stands out most when looking at the cover of this Julia Roberts classic? Those knee high boots! Long gone are the days when knee highs were reserved for strippers and prostitutes. Today they are being worn by just about everyone. The trick is to keep the look classy. When finding the perfect boot, stay away from latex material if at all possible. Also try to avoid a “too high” 6 inch heel. Knee high boots will give you the opportunity to continue to flaunt some of those dresses and rompers into the fall and early winter season. For those ballin’ on a budget, you can opt for a set of knee high socks instead. Pair these with booties of a similar shade and nobody will be able to tell the difference.
knee high boots

Denim is here to stay!
I predicted that this article would be gone with the wind fabulous, however denim is showing us that it’s here to stay! It’s long run comes at the perfect time, seeing as temperatures are quickly dropping. While being trendy, denim’s thick material will also keep you warm during this season. Just be sure to keep the look fun, fresh, and new. Mix up the way you wear your denim, the opportunities are endless.


Gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you *Cues It’s Raining Men soundtrack*

All-black errrrthang
We’ve previously explored this look for women, but its sleek and sophisticated feel can be mastered by men as well. There’s nothing that says grown and sexy better than a man in all black. Be sure that the garments measure more form fitting, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your dad’s hand-me-downs. An all-black look is appropriate for upscale restaurant dates, parties, and weddings. Try to keep this look out of the office, that is unless you want your coworkers hitting on you 😉

all black erthang

Toot it and Boot It
Boots, of all kind, are a must have for men this season! There are a number of different materials and colors to choose from. Boots can turn any run of the mill outfit, into one that’s fashion forward. Throwing a pair of boots on any attire, even a suit, is also a great way to transform your look from day to night. If you’re uncertain about where to start, you can never go wrong with a pair of Timbs!


No Shave November
A beard is seen almost as a badge of honor to some men. As women, it isn’t always our favorite attribute (try kissing a man with a prickly mustache), however November is the month when a man is allowed to simply be a man. In my opinion, nothing says strength quite like a good rugged beard! So grow them out and grow them proud fellas, because in this month, your beard just may be your best accessory!


Down in the Trenches
It is officially cuffing season. (Cuffing season: when individuals, whom at any other time would prefer to be single, find themselves amidst a temporary relationship or merely longing to be “cuffed.” This season, which ends mid spring/early summer, has often been attributed to the change in weather). For those of us without a boo or “bae” a good old fashioned coat will have to do. Trench coats, for both men and women, seem to be poplar right now. Some great colors for coats are black, army green, camel, and gray.  Try to keep the color of the coat as simplistic as possible, increasing your chance of perfect pairing with multiple looks. Don’t be afraid to check out your local thrift store for a coat, because like many other trends, this one’s coming back around

trench coat

Be the most fabulous YOU,
Xoxo Regina the style Bambina
 If you liked this post check out Regina’s posts on affordable fashion, and some of the latest trends. For even more style inspiration find Regina on Instagram @Reggie_ocho!

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