What About Your Friends?

Just the other day I celebrated my friendiversary with my choir ladies. We met on a Tuesday night 3 years ago to sing together and have become a sisterhood. We never would have guessed we’d be where we are now; but between the nights we’ve stayed up until the sun came out, the tears, the story times, and the group chats that get us through the week, we know our meeting was no accident. I believe that it’s important to be careful who you surround yourself with. The people you choose to spend the most time with will shape and inspire your life, or send it spiraling down. Here’s four types of friends you need in your circle!


This is the friend who gives you a blanket when you’re  cold. The one who radiates warmth and hugs you like it’s coming from your own mom. She’s the one who notices when your temperature is a little high or you haven’t been eating lately. She just freaking cares about you, man. And you never have to question that.


This is the friend who inspires you to do better. She’s always working on something, building something, finishing something, doing something. You don’t necessarily have to put as much on your plate as she piles on hers, but she inspires you to stay hungry. Her passion and focus helps you tap into your own.

The Dreamer

This friend keeps her head high and her hopes higher. She doesn’t let the constraints of life put a damper on her dreams and handles obstacles with grace. She embraces what comes to her and keeps working toward her goals no matter what. This friend reminds you that if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough. This friend helps you remember that life is about balance. Sometimes you need to keep your feet on the ground, but sometimes you need to keep your head in the clouds.


This friend makes you face reality. She doesn’t accept your excuses and doesn’t let you accept them either. In fact, she helps you own up to your crap so that you can work through it. She keeps it real with you and holds you accountable. Of course, she does all this in love, because her goal is not to hurt you but to help propel you forward. Her love can be tough at times, but that’s only because she knows what you’re capable of. She knows your potential and won’t allow you to waste it.

We need our friends to celebrate with us in the good times and hold us up during the bad times. Remember to choose them wisely. And always remember that the best way to make sure you have great friends is to be a great friend.

Xoxo Kaisha



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