Weddings, Steak, and Perfect Weekends 

I know. Long time no blog. No excuse. Just livin’.

Speaking of, I just finished Rob Bell’s inspiring book How To Be Here, which has challenged me to live fully in each moment of my life. So much so that it enabled me to have one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I’ll do a book review sometime in the near future, but today I just wanted to share my weekend with you guys.

I kicked off Friday evening at the wedding of two of my boyfriend JO’s best friends, Frank and Chasity. How they managed to make Lofty Spaces in Dallas feel so intimate, I will never know, but it was beautiful, warm, and rustic. Of course, the backdrop of the Dallas skyline didn’t hurt either. We topped off the night with a trip to IHOP. Nothing says “just married” like pancakes at 2 am.

Saturday, JO took my family to Rodizio’s Grill as a birthday gift to my mom. I had been before but it was my parents’ first time. I’m pretty sure it won’t be their last. I think it’s safe to say that the group favorites were the Picanha and the honey glazed grilled pineapple. My mom wanted to go to the fair afterward, but between traffic and my dad’s injured foot we never made it. We did, however, make an appearance at the Rockwall Harbor. We stopped at Cold Stone because of my addiction and lo and behold, they had a No Fair Funnel Cake on the menu, so my mom got a taste of the state fair without having to go. We walked around and maneuvered the onslaught of bugs and children in Halloween costumes until the wind chill was too much and headed home.

Then JO and I went to the movies. The Accountant was good. Not only was it entertaining with enough explosions to be sexy to Americans, it was also didactic without being annoying and clearly advocated for people on the autistic spectrum. Plus, there were layers to the storylines and characters. Go see it.

Sunday was church and my mama’s birthday! We got a nice power nap in, then headed to dinner at Ruth’s Chris where I had the best salmon I’ve had in my life. At a steak house. Yes. I also, finally got to try lobster mac and crème brulee. In two separate dishes, of course. Everything was excellent.

As we rode back home, my heart was so full. I got to spend the entire weekend with my squad, my crew, my besties. It was all smiles from start to finish. You rarely get to experience times like that, and I didn’t take this one for granted. Rob Bell talks about finding the splendor in the life you live. This weekend was just a reminder of not only how special my life is, but how special the people in it are.


Xoxo Kaisha

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