What I Learned in 2016

This is my last post in 2016! It’s been a great year filled with blessings and lessons. Here’s a few things I’ve learned that I’m carrying with me into the new year:

1. You decide your priorities, not anyone else.

2. You can change your mind about things whenever you feel like it. You could want to be a career woman on Monday and want to be a housewife by Friday. Do you.

3. Stay fly.

4. Take a break from things when you need to.

5. Keeping your mouth shut really does help sometimes. There were countless times when I did not say what was on my mind and it was for the best. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Sometimes your opinion can get you popped, though. Unless you’re ready for the consequences for what you say, shut up.

6. Lists are only awesome if you actually cross things off of them.

7. People don’t owe you anything. People don’t have to be nice to you. People don’t have to support you. People don’t even have to talk to you. Don’t let people make or break you. They will do what they want for you until they don’t want to do it anymore. Let them rotate when it’s time. Things aren’t meant to stay the same.

8. Get out of your feelings. Feel them, express them, then get over it.

9. Compliments and insults hold the same weight. They tell more about the person giving them than about you. Take both with a grain of salt.

10. Listen to people. They say a lot without meaning to.

11. Authenticity is key. This whole social media thing has us caught up in the matrix. Make sure you know the sound of your own voice. Do stuff you like. Wear stuff you like. Talk about stuff you care about.

12. Guys. I can’t do small talk. I have tried. Nobody knows how to exit a conversation quicker than me. Ask my friends.

13. I’m about to hit the age when I have to start acting like an adult because the “I’m young” excuse won’t work anymore. We’ll see.

14. It is only right for someone who loves food as much as I do to start a garden. Soon come. *DJ Khaled voice*

15. This year I fell in love and it has been an amazing experience. It has held a mirror up to me. It has taught me that I have a lot to improve on, but I am also good at a lot of things.

16. In life you won’t see the best and worst things coming. They are always unexpected. You gotta learn to bob and weave.


I have no idea what’s coming. I just know that I’m down for the ride. Take care of yourselves, get some rest, and buckle up your seatbelts. Thanks for rocking with me this year! See y’all in 2017!


Xoxo Kaisha

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