Our Desert Oasis Honeymoon

Most people think tropics when they think honeymoon, but Jarell and I spent our first few days as husband and wife at the Wigwam in Litchfield Park, Arizona. That’s right. We flew to the desert in the middle of the summer. I know honeymoons are supposed to be steamy, but this trip turned the heat up to a new level.


For whatever reason, the mid-June Arizona temperatures never crossed our minds as we planned our trip. I mean, we did plan a wedding in three months, so some details escaped us. By the time we got around to thinking about the weather, the flights and resort had been booked. So, we hoped that we would make it without having heat strokes. 

We were nervous –and excited- when we hopped off the plane in Phoenix. Excited to be on our honeymoon. Nervous that I would pass out from dehydration. I didn’t, by the way. We picked up our first rental car, then quickly realized that the A/C was not working well enough for us to survive and switched it out, then we were on our way.

 We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to the beautiful desert oasis, the Wigwam. Don’t judge me for not having real pics of our room. I had planned to record a video but didn’t have my camera, and my phone ran out of space. Our suite was an open concept with a sexy stone fireplace, jetted tub, a patio and front porch, and a 1 minute walk to the pool. Our wifi wasn’t working and we got pretty weak signal strength in the room so they upgraded us to another suite, but it just didn’t have the same vibe, so we went back to our original room.


And so we honeymooned. We couldn’t do many outdoor daytime activities because the temps reached at least 118 degrees every day we were there. I’m from Texas so the dry heat wasn’t killer, but it’s just not healthy to spend excessive amounts of time outside when your sweat evaporates off your body in a matter of seconds. Fortunately for us, the time difference allowed us to wake up almost every morning around 6am (it was 8 to our bodies) and hit the pool. Shortly thereafter, we’d put on dry clothes and then head to breakfast at one of the resort restaurants.


We spent a lot of time driving around. Arizona is absolutely gorgeous. And clean! There are several pockets of different cultures and the area has a ton of style. We didn’t overwhelm ourselves filling the  days with activities because the most important part of the trip was to spend time together. It panned out well, because with the heat we needed lots of water and several naps. We shopped, we ate, we had a virtual reality experience, and Jarell even taught me how to shoot dice lol. The night before our last he arranged for the resort to decorate our room and left me the sweetest note and a necklace. 


On the last day of our trip, Jarell’s uncle Christian drove us up to Lookout Park where we got to see a mountain view of the valley. Gorgeousness! We can’t wait to go back when it’s MUCH cooler so that we can spend some time in the stunning picturesque scenery of Phoenix.


We were beyond blessed to be able to share these moments with each other and we can’t wait to see what adventures life has in store for us. But we’ll make sure we’re hydrated and have comfortable shoes in tow.


Xoxo Kaisha


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