LUV Your Hair | Ceramic Flat Iron Product Review

My natural hair hit a bit of a growth spurt recently. Any natural knows that this is the leading cause of I’m bored with my hair syndrome. Not only that, but I rediscovered Mo Knows Hair on Youtube and if you’ve watched her channel you know she holds the power to make you throw your whole paycheck at Sally beauty. After a couple days of binge watching, I had purchased my first pair of shears, trimmed my ends, done a deep conditioning treatment and decided that I needed to silk press my hair.

Mo taught me that the most important parts of this process were the heat protectant and that you must use a ceramic flat iron. So I quickly went into a frenzy and was all “I need to spend so much money on a Chi!” My husband, God bless him, was like, “why don’t you just look on Groupon?”

And so I did. I ordered a LUV pro ceramic flat iron for $20. Welcome to the review.

I decided to flat iron my hair Labor Day weekend, which was a huge mistake because the weather was hating on me. Jarell and I had a cute staycation and got a room at the Omni downtown to have a little R&R. We also checked out a comedy show at Gulley’s.

The Omni was awesome. The older I get and the more catastrophic weather I see, the more I appreciate businesses that try to be environmentally responsible. The fact that it has nudged its way into the Dallas skyline doesn’t hurt either. For those who don’t live here, it’s the building that’s lit up in fun colors right behind the Reunion Tower (also known as the ball lol).

We really enjoyed ourselves at the comedy show. It was a hole in the wall spot, and it was great to be there hanging with our friends. Not to mention it was BYOB and they served food. That’s my language. But I will say, the a/c was not working, which I wasn’t happy about because MY HAIR! Nonetheless, it was a great time.

So what are my final thought on the LUV ceramic flat iron? It’s a yes for me! I did my normal wash day routine, then blow dried my hair. I flat ironed it using the chase method and only needed one or two passes per section. I saran wrapped it and sat under the dryer for a few minutes. I should have gone longer but I was running behind. When I took it down my hair was light and bouncy. It wasn’t as straight as it could have been because I kept the heat down to 350 degrees. I still wanted volume so I didn’t need bone straight hair.


A couple of hours later I used the flat iron to curl my hair before the comedy show and it worked REALLY well. My hair didn’t last long in the heat and humidity for HOURS, but it looked cute when I did it. I wore hats and ponytails mostly for the rest of the week until it was time for the true test. Wash day. I had a short wash day and didn’t even steam my hair like I usually do (and it’s not happy about it) and my hair completely reverted with no heat damage! #curlspoppin

This was important to me because I don’t plan to wear my hair straight very often. Only when I feel bored. I have fine strands so it requires too much manipulation for my hair to look full when it’s straight, but keeping it natural is pretty low maintenance.

Needless to say, my chunky twist out worked out just fine for me and I can truly say that I’m satisfied with the LUV ceramic flat iron. Did I mention that I only paid twenty bucks for it? If you want straighter or longer lasting hair, go ahead and crank the heat up on it. Just remember to use your heat protecting serum. This is non-negotiable! Otherwise, FLOURISH!

Xoxo Kaisha

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