Our 90’s Party + Staple Party Snacks

This Saturday we hosted a 90’s themed birthday party for my husband. We think it’s really important to spend time with friends and family anytime we get the chance. A lot of us wait until significant life events and tragedies to connect with the people we love. We chose to celebrate life and love all the time.

As much hosting as we do, we’ve got a pretty good grasp on snack foods that everyone can enjoy. These foods will go a long way no matter the size of your party. Also, keep in mind that people have dietary restrictions so you’re going to want some meatless options as well.

My staples are:

  1. Chicken wings. My dad’s are infamous.
  2. Rotel Dip. It’s so far from healthy so you may want to switch it up and do a nacho bar.
  3. Meatballs
  4. Fruit and veggie tray. And make sure it has some variety so the vegans/vegetarians can actually enjoy themselves. Nobody wants soggy strawberries when you already gave limited options at a party.
  5. Flatbread. Some other kind of pizza will do. This can be a filling option for those who don’t eat meat.

My husband’s look was inspired by Sidney from White Men Can’t Jump. I was channeling Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Of course, I got hot and tired so I changed into something comfortable.

I’m so glad Jarell enjoyed his birthday (which was officially on Wednesday) and had a blast at his party. And the guests on those outfits…I can’t even. I’m still nostalgic.

Xoxo Kaisha



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