How To Make a Vision Board

Hey fam! I’ve missed you since last week lol.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about #goals. Today is a continuation of that and I’m talking about vision boards. Some may be wondering why I’ve started on my 2018 Goals so early, but for years now I have set goals in October/November intuitively. Here’s why this works best.

I won’t get too deep, but I believe that God gives us obvious clues through nature. If you think about it on a spiritual level, it makes no sense to try to start something new in the dead of winter. Winter is when old things die, not when new things flourish. That’s why those New Year’s resolutions get you nowhere. Fall is harvest time. It’s time for you to gather what you’ll need to get through the winter. Winter is time to hibernate, to think, reflect, and shed as it comes to an end. If you harvest by gathering your goals in the fall, and give yourself a chance to reflect and build during the winter as you shed the old, you’ll be going full throttle come spring, which is the NATURAL new year.

So if you find yourself not being able to get some fire under your goals until spring time and you’re feeling like a failure the first few months of the year, just know that you are NOT behind. The designers of this counterintuitive calendar have thrown us off. You are simply in tune with everything else in nature.

Now that we’ve gotten our history lesson out of  the way, let’s get into this vision board. I like to think of it as a mood board for my year. I do this by first handwriting my specific goals for the year, and then letting the vision board serve as the visual representation of those goals. I separate them in categories: Spiritual, Marriage, Health, Money, Lifestyle. You can make whatever categories you choose. Then, I find pics and words and phrases that create the vibe I’m going for.

I started with just a few supplies
Poster board

This time, I didn’t want empty white space and I didn’t want to fill it with meaningless things just to take up space, so I used the cardstock to back my pictures and tiled the poster board with it. I also used printer paper and my laptop to trace my font (hack!).

Next, I arranged all my pics and phrases in the spots I figured I’d want them. This just helps get your layout together before you make it permanent.

Finally, I glued everything down in place and that was all she wrote.

Have you ever made a vision board? Will you make one this year?
Also, you can make one any time. It’s never too late or too soon to get focused and get busy.

xoxo Kaisha

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