24 Hours in Shreveport

Two weekends ago my husband took me on a surprise getaway to Shreveport! Though my family is from Louisiana, I hadn’t spent  much time in Shreveport. I had to sing on Sunday and he had to get back in town Monday evening so we had a 24-hour window to see what the city had in store for us. Here’s what we did!

Shreveport is only a few short hours away from us in Dallas, so it’s a great road trip for people like me who are lulled into sleep by moving vehicles.

We checked into our hotel (Sam’s Town Casino and hotel) and I… took a nap. I had been up since 5am, so I needed a slight recharge. After my nap and a couple of game shows, we headed downstairs to the main event: the buffet.

Then, we headed to the casino. I expected to hit a couple of slots, strike it big on my last pull and win $10,000 as soon as I was ready to give up. You know, like what they show in the movies. $10  and $0 winnings in, I figured I should probably make less risky investments. Jarell pulled once for me and got all 7’s (because I gave him a lucky kiss!!!) but they didn’t all hit in the dead center of that little red line. Haters. After my big loss, we called it a night.

The next morning we kind of laid around killing time before we got up and gathered our things to checkout. Then we headed to the Horseshoe Casino and hotel.

We were able to eat the buffet for FREE there because they had a promotion going. If you downloaded the Total Rewards app, they’d give you a voucher for the buffet. The only thing I love more than food is FREE food. They had just about everything you can imagine. I didn’t take a ton of pics because I didn’t want to invade others’ privacy. But it was good.

After we ate our hearts out, we headed to the downtown area and ended up at the festival plaza. Since it was MLK day, we saw a parade come through. We almost got trapped in the city because we couldn’t get around the parade!

Just past the plaza is the space center that we wanted to check out but couldn’t because it was closed for renovations. We did, however, act like stalkers and peek in through the windows. It looked crazy cool in there so we’ll definitely be back to check it out.

After we picked our sad faces up, I went and collected some dirt while Jarell waited in the car for me, and then we took off!

Have you been to Shreveport? What did you do there?
Fun fact: My dad was born there 🙂

xoxo Kaisha

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