Add Life to Your Room with House Plants

Hi lovelies!

I am excited to share this post because I’ve been wanting to show more of my DIY projects on the blog. Today I’m talking about how I added life to our bedroom with a few house plants!

I actually bought my plants at Walmart  of all places. I got a small cactus, a Fittonia or White Anne, and a yucca plant. I knew I didn’t want them sitting in the plastic dishes I purchased them in, so I got some terra cotta pots for them. Then, me being me, I decided to give them a little more pizazz and paint them.

I used the primary colors of our room and painted my pots white, gold, and navy. I didn’t really have a definite plan. I just new the vibe I wanted. So, I laid out my tarp and got my Picasso on.

When I was done painting, I took the pots outside to spray them with the acrylic seal. I totally got a little dizzy because it was windy that day. Then, I stacked the pots inside of each other so the wind wouldn’t knock them over when they dried.

After about four hours they were all dry and I repotted the plant. I already knew where I wanted to put my green goodies so the placement was easy. I put my low light plant in the corner furthest from the window. I put my tiny cactus on and end table that I use for our record player. Then, I put my yucca right by the window since it needs the most sunlight.

I love the way these plants have added even more life and energy to our bedroom. Plants are a great low maintenance way to decorate without breaking the bank. A few greens and some fresh flowers can easily transform your living space from bland to chic.

xoxo Kaisha


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