My BOMB Wash Day ft. Ouidad

I’ve told you before that I refuse to be a full on product junkie, but when I run out of a product I don’t hesitate to find a replacement for it.

In this instance, I needed some shampoo for my wash day. And I try to go by the rule of using shampoo and conditioner of the same brand for pH balancing.

On this particular wash day, I needed some serious maintenance on my dry, flaky scalp, and a clarifying shampoo. My hair was full of dandruff and gel and weak shampoo wasn’t gonna cut it. So, I drove to my local Ulta, which is super poppin’ and decided to give Ouidad a try. I waited in the longest line I’ve seen, and I purchased the Curl quencher shampoo and conditioner for tight curls and the Meltdown Extreme Hair Mask.

I am not brand or product loyal, so I wasn’t expecting much from these to be honest. I started with Paul Mitchell’s Tea tree hair and scalp treatment to get rid of the build up on my scalp. The tingly Tea tree made me feel and smell like I was at a spa. As I washed my hair I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Then, I conditioned and detangled as usual, and still…nothing. For my last step I used the Meltdown Extreme Hair Mask and sat under the steamer for about 10 minutes and rinsed it out. Sidebar: it creates this really warming sensation. Totally normal. Don’t be alarmed (like I was).

Anywho, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I felt hoodwinked. These products are on the expensive end and I wanted to see results. I begrudgingly finished twisting my hair and went on about my day. I also repeated the same procedure on my mom’s hair hoping that she would get better results than I did. On her hair, I noticed immediate results, so I felt less bad about making the investment.

Then. It happened. That evening I had to take my twists down to go to Jarell’s work event and all the stars aligned. It was soft. It was shiny. It was bouncy. It was full. It was defined. It was glorious! I put it in a pineapple to sleep that night and it looked equally amazing the next day. So. Did. My. Mom’s! I have done her hair a million times and it has NEVER come out as amazing as it did after using these products.

Not nude. This was day two hair.

I retwisted my hair and even more magic happened. The fullness. The softness. My goodness. It’s also worth mentioning that everyone who came close to my hair made a comment about the fullness, softness, and smell. And my mom has achieved day three hair that looks as good as it did when She first untwisted it. Did I mention that this has NEVER happened?

Day 3.

Day 4.

So, if you ask me whether or not the products are worth it, I would tell you that that’s up to you. The shampoo/conditioner is about $20 and the mask is $44. That’s a lot of money on hair products. But the convenience of not waking up stressed about my hair and the smile on my mom’s face are TOTALLY worth it to me.

Xoxo Kaisha

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