March Favorites!

I am not a huge shopper unless we’re talking about home decor and food, so I wouldn’t have enough material to do monthly favorites, but I will try to do them at least once a quarter.

Before we head into true spring, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been loving lately.

Wanna hear it? Aaaah here it goes! *Kenan and Kel voice*

I heard about this 4 Leaf Clover styling gel a while ago and decided to give it a try. It’s a YES for me. I get the same results as gel with a fraction of the amount of product. It literally freezes your hair in place!

No matter where I go, or what I do, or how many times I wear it, I always get compliments and questions every single time I wear this NYX liquid suede cream lipstick in Cherry Skies. It’s long lasting and doesn’t make your lips dry out and flake. Plus, it’s that blue red that works wonders on brown skin tones and makes your teeth look whiter. You’re welcome.

My old owl backpack started falling apart so I decided to get a more adult bag to carry. I have been obsessed with this Himawari gray backpack. My mom got it for my birthday and I have used it every single day since. It looks small but you can pack a lot in there.

Jarell and I have been on a decorating kick lately and we are in love with our new bed. The frame will be delivered tomorrow, but we are already enjoying our new comforter set. We got a white frame with bottom and side storage. I love just looking around and taking in our modern safari theme.

What’s a blogger without a trendy shoe? For me, it’s more of a throwback the the classic Adidas Superstar. Jarell got me a pair for my birthday and I go out of my way to make them work with my outfits. Not only are they stylish and classic, but the ortholite soles let you walk around all day feeling like you’re floating on clouds.

What are your March favorites?

Xoxo Kaisha

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