2019 Vision Board Party

How’s everyone’s 2019 going so far? Mine is off to a great start. I can already tell that it’s going to be a different type of year. Last week on the blog I talked about how you can use a vision board to kick start your year. I decided to make it a little party and invite a few of my girlfriends over to keep me company and work on their goals as well.

Vision boards give you a visual representation of all the goals you have for the year.

What you’ll need:
Poster board or picture frame
Any decals or stickers you think you’ll need

I always write my goals out by category so I know what to cut out of the magazines I get. If you don’t have magazines lying around, you can pick some up at Half Price Books for a dollar or two. Next, I lay everything out on my board to see the flow , then I get to stickin’.

In my opinion, the most important part is where you place your vision board. I like to put it somewhere I can see it everyday, so I put mine on my bathroom wall.

I look forward to the daily inspiration I’ll get from my vision board. I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see the progress I’ve made and I hope the same for you!

xoxo Kaisha


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