Skin is In

I’m back, snitches! I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I’m going in with this blog forever. To tell you the truth, I still haven’t settled on any one thing. I’m just posting as I feel it in my heart. So that’s what you’re going to see here. The stuff I’m interested in. Now, if you tell me what you want to see more of, I’ll give it to you, but otherwise welcome to my random thoughts.

Currently, I have rekindled a skincare obsession. It started with me deciding not to wear makeup to work one day. That day turned into several days. For some people, leaving the house without makeup on is no biggie. Some people are comfortable with their imperfections. Some people have been blessed with immaculate skin and don’t “need” to wear makeup. I don’t fall into either of those categories. Not even remotely. And that’s the problem. I have been spending so much money on makeup in the last few years of my life because I have truly felt the need to hide what’s underneath. And I’m over it.

I still love makeup. I love lipstick, and lashes, and a good ol’ contour. But you know what I don’t love? Feeling like the way God alone made me is unacceptable. Feeling like I need to be enhanced. There’s a difference between wearing makeup because you love the artistry, and wearing makeup because you feel inadequate without it. I had become the latter. And that ain’t cute.

So here’s a picture of me and my nekkid (that’s naked for those who are unfamiliar with urban vernacular) face. Get into it, because that’s how you’re going to see me in real life Monday through Friday! I’ve got a lot of damage and dark spots to repair so I’m open to suggestions. I look forward to sharing my trials and errors with you guys.

My skincare routine hasn’t changed too much but my skin has definitely improved. I think the main culprits have been drastically reducing my processed sugar intake as well as incorporating tea tree oil daily. I’ve also started using grapeseed oil and I feel that it has improved my texture. It’s the perfect oil for acne prone skin because the consistency of it actually makes our natural oil less comedogenic!

Even with my leopard spots, I’m back to feeling like a dewy baby and I think I look youthful again. Not to mention, I feel HELLA confident! I was walking around this earth feeling like I had to wear a mask. Whole time, I just needed to let my insides radiate. I’m good!

What do you use on your skin? I like clean beauty, so send me your faves!

Xoxo Kaisha

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