Too Big for Your Biscuits


Never in my life did I think Popeyes would inspire me to write a blog post and yet, here I am.

Have y’all been seeing this meme pop up all over the internet?


I have. While I get it on a surface level and I get the comedy, I’m about to be that Debbie Downer that can’t just laugh and keep scrolling. There’s always one. It’s me. I’m that one.

I totes understand that people wanna be blessed and live life in abundance (that’s the catchphrase these days). Everyone’s into attracting wealth and overflow into their lives. But- unpopular opinion alert- you don’t really want that until you have things lined up on the front and back ends.

Money is about flow. And while people are doing the work to get rid of the limiting beliefs and the negative narratives they have about money to receive it on the front end, many folks don’t have a plan for what to do with it on the back end. I’m using money as an example but you could put anything in the place of it. If getting money is your objective, it’s likely that you will not or should not get it. Why? Because you don’t know what to do with it boo boo. If you can’t manage $200 you probably won’t do well with $200,000. Catch my drift?

A lot of people want the big blessing but don’t have the big mindset required to keep it. You wanna be a millionaire but your mind isn’t right. You want the cheat codes but you don’t know the fundamentals of the game. Before we start asking God to give us these overwhelming blessings, we really need to be asking for wisdom, for discipline, and for sustained character. Example: Popeye’s.

Now they released this chicken sandwich and the world went crazy for like a week and a half and now, besides me, do you hear anyone talking about it? No. Because Popeye’s has piss poor customer service and they were unprepared for this release. They ran out of sandwhiches in less than a week and had to put low budget handwritten signs on the outside of their stores to let people know they had run out. People were waiting in line for an hour only to be told that they would never get their grimy hands on that spicy chicken sandwich. A sandwich that was probably good but also not uncommon. And when you’re doing something that’s not uncommon your execution and branding sells it for you. But I digress.

Sure, they made a lot of money for a few days. But they could have made a lot of money for a year if they had been prepared. The food shortage combined with substandard service made what could have been one of the most profitable menu items a shooting star. Here one minute and gone the next. This is what happens when you get the blessing before you’re ready for it. You drop the ball.

I would advise you to ask God to enlarge your thinking, enlarge your work ethic, enlarge your systems BEFORE enlarging your territory. What good is having something if you can’t sustain it? What good is getting a milli to blow it on trips and designer bags? What good is launching a profitable business if you have to close within a year because people stop wanting to shop there because of your slow shipping times and shoddy customer service? What good is finally getting in a relationship with a good man if you don’t even know how to communicate?

Do y’all feel what I’m saying? There’s nothing wrong with abundance. There’s nothing wrong with getting that blessing honey! Just understand that part of the reason why you don’t have fill in the blank is because you’re not ready for it. When you get your mind and your habits and your lifestyle in position to receive what you’re asking for (and by that point it will be what you’re WORKING for) you’ll have made room for it and it won’t be more than you can handle.

xoxo Kaisha

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