Lime Obsessed!

Hi lovelies!

For some reason, over the last year or so I have become so drawn to the color green, lime green in particular. It’s like a resurgence for me. I remember when I was around ten years old I painted my entire bedroom lime green. I was done with the color after that. Now, I absolutely cannot get enough of it. It’s just so lively and refreshing.

I also happen to love lime flavored anything. So, it’s no surprise that I decided to make a key lime pie for my mom on Mother’s Day. Y’all, I love to cook but I get incredibly intimidated by baking. In my mind there’s so much room for error because you can’t really taste as you go with baking. You just stick it in the oven and hope it comes out alright.

This was my first time making a key lime pie even though it’s my mom’s and my favorite shared dessert. It’s kind of labor intensive but it turned out so well! My mom loved it too!

I found this recipe on Pinterest and followed it with a few exceptions. I didn’t have any sort of grater so I didn’t add lime zest to the batter and I didn’t whip the whipped cream until it was extra firm because my arms were tired by then.

Since it’s a pie that’s served cold, I had to bake the crust and then freeze it then bake the pie with filling and let it cool then refrigerate for several hours. Very time consuming for this rookie, but definitely worth it.

Like I said, I didn’t have a zester but I did want to garnish it with a little bit of zest so I scraped a lime with a serrated knife and it did the trick. I also had to “pipe” my whipped cream with a sandwich bag. Improvising. I finished it off with a little lime slice and it turned out super cute.

I was so happy that it turned out not just looking good, but tasting just as good! It gave me confidence to do more experiments in the kitchen and try my hand at baking more often.

What new recipes have you tried lately? Are you a baker or do you prefer to cook and wing it?

Xoxo Kaisha

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