My Chocolate Chia Prego Smoothie

Hi lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should) you’ve seen me post this chocolate smoothie several times. It’s my jam right now and I wanted to share the ingredients.

They tell you to eat a lot of dates to prepare for labor but I don’t particularly enjoy the texture of them so I use this smoothie to camouflage them.

This isn’t really meant to be “healthy” so don’t expect a bunch of green ingredients, but it is definitely energizing and tasty for mamas to be.

Here’s what I use- there are no rules:

Ice, frozen banana, oatmeal, lots of dates, hemp seeds, chia seeds, vegan chocolate protein powder, a dash of vanilla and maple syrup, almond milk.

If you don’t want all of that sweetness you can adjust as needed but this is a “meal” for a pregnant lady who needs to eat a lot of dates so that’s the mindset I have when I’m putting it together.

It’s so good and tastes like a real chocolate shake. Sometimes I struggle to get through smoothies and shakes but I have no problem with this one! I get the labor benefits of dates, the energy and flavor from the bananas and protein powder and a nutritional boost from the hemp and chia seeds!

Let me know if you decide to try it. Vary the quantities to your liking. Cheers!

Xoxo Kaisha


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