New phone. Who dis?

Yo babies!

I’m writing this from my phone as I lay entangled next to my sleeping babe. The naps last longer when she feels a warm person next to her, so here I am.

Anywho, was 2020 a kamikaze or what? I literally started and killed a garden, got married, had a baby, moved, got laid off the corporate job (which I feel I need to talk about eventually) and started a brand during this pandemic. Basically, nothing is the same about my life. It was emotional. It was traumatic. It was riddled with uncertainty. I’m not gonna front like I didn’t get caught crying in the closet more than twice, but now it’s all good.

I have a newfound strength and peace. I’ve learned how to ask for help. I’ve learned that you really can live on faith. I’ve learned not to take things personally and have developed a lot more compassion. I’ve become a better listener and an even more authentic person. I’ve also learned how to prioritize and to let things go when need be. I feel good. Tired, but good.

I’m looking forward to bringing more content as the inspiration strikes me. I am on a new journey as an entrepreneur (I will talk more about this), wife and mom – none of which I was this time last year. I’m very “new phone, who dis?” right now, so I’ve got plenty to talk about.

So what have you lovelies been up to? How was 2020? How is this year treating you so far? Can’t wait to catch up with you guys!

Xoxo Kaisha

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