Kaisha is a twenty-something marketing professional based in Dallas. Her classic style and funky flare work together to bring content to women focused on self-care, making an impact, and defining their own success. This is a place for women who love family, friends, fashion, food, and want to become the best versions of themselves.

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. kaisha im so jealous . yur blog is BOMB . this is something i’ve always wanted to do but always thought ppl wouldnt care enuf to actually look at it . but i looooovvvvveeeee thisssssss ! i wish i had a life so i’d actually have stuff to post about then maybe i’d do one too . but my life is a little dry right now lol . anyways , keep it up nd yu’ll always have me a a reader . (:

    1. Lol! You’re so sweet! Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying your time on here! And my advice: If you wanna do it, DO IT. How can you declare failure before you even try? 😉 And furthermore, if nobody read it, I’d still do it because I enjoy it. 🙂 I’m not trying to be famous here lol. Don’t let anything stop you from doing something you wanna do, not even and especially YOURSELF!

      Life is a continuous work in progress. The blog is my progress report 😉 Don’t limit yourself boo! Sorry I got preachy lol.

      Anywho, I’m glad you’re reading and thanks soooooo much! This stuff really means the world to me. If I can just reach one person, I’m good!
      Oh, and we need to have dinner sometime! (next week lol)

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