Oh She Grows

  I stripped it all away. The issues I thought I had were only the surface level, easy to deal with things that get lots of reposts on Instagram. I dared myself to dig deeper. Every crutch, every quick fix, every distraction I had grown so fond of was nowhere to be found, and all … More Oh She Grows

Interview with Fourth Dynasty Dance Company Owner E.P.

Hi lovelies! I want to highlight local, small, and/or black owned businesses on the blog as a resource to those who follow me. I still haven’t come up with a name for these segments, so y’all leave me comments with suggestions! Here, I got to interview one of my best friends and the owner of … More Interview with Fourth Dynasty Dance Company Owner E.P.

2018 Reflections

I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about all that has transpired this year. It started off miserably. I remember last New Year’s Eve being sequestered in the house with my (then) husband instead of enjoying myself with my family like I have every year of my life. I remember desperately trying to make … More 2018 Reflections