New phone. Who dis?

Yo babies! I’m writing this from my phone as I lay entangled next to my sleeping babe. The naps last longer when she feels a warm person next to her, so here I am. Anywho, was 2020 a kamikaze or what? I literally started and killed a garden, got married, had a baby, moved, got … More New phone. Who dis?

Stretch Marks

I have been sitting on my hands trying to figure out what to say about what’s going on in the world right now, but I haven’t had much. You see it. You feel it. I don’t need to try to piece together or make sense of the craziness for anyone. That is for each individual … More Stretch Marks

Worry About Yourself

I don’t do very much talking these days but I do a lot of listening and something has become glaringly obvious to me. A lot of people like being treated badly. Not like they literally like getting punched in the face. But that’s what they have developed an appetite for. There’s a myriad of reasons … More Worry About Yourself

Take Your Time

I remember being a kid desperately wanting to be a teenager. Then being a teenager and not being able to wait until I got to college so I could be a cool college kid. Then being in college and wanting to finally be done so I could be in the real world as my twenty-five-year-old … More Take Your Time