Open Diary: Perezosa

*Transparency alert!* I believe that I was designed to be excellent. The problem is that excellence takes a whole lot of work. I don’t know where I got this laziness from. Both of my parents are very hardworking people. Perhaps my life has been too easy? I don’t know. The point is: I’m over myself. … More Open Diary: Perezosa

More or less

Update on the health journey? Psssh. 10 pounds down. 3 pounds up. Why, you ask? Too much of this: Not enough of this: It’s almost my freaking birthday and I have not met one single goal. (Dang it that truth hurts!) I have been injured, and sick but not enough to be a legit excuse. … More More or less

Old Habits Die Hard

Some stuff is just,seemingly,¬†unshakable. I know that I’m not the only one who tries to break a bad habit and does well for a while but eventually goes right back to it. Then, of course, ¬†I feel like a failure so I have a moment of disgust that brings me to change and I get … More Old Habits Die Hard

Open Diary

I feel change in the air. It’s hard to explain exactly what I’m sensing but the only word I can think to describe it is “movement”. The air is different. The people in my life are different. I feel different. And I’m not talking “new year, new me” different. I’m talking legit progress, growth, and … More Open Diary