What About Your Friends?

Just the other day I celebrated my friendiversary with my choir ladies. We met on a Tuesday night 3 years ago to sing together and have become a sisterhood. We never would have guessed we’d be where we are now; but between the nights we’ve stayed up until the sun came out, the tears, the … More What About Your Friends?

Valentine’s Day Chronicles| I Finally Found The One

I always imagined myself with someone who had a bright smile and a contagious laugh. I wanted someone who was attractive, and smart, and funny. Someone who may not have a ton of money, but who has a plan and is financially responsible. I  always wanted someone who worked on spiritual growth, participated in and … More Valentine’s Day Chronicles| I Finally Found The One

Potato Chips

The big Family Size bags make you salivate as you get ready to pop! the bag open and dig in. Of course, then you realize that it’s mostly air puffing that bad boy up and there’s only a few measly chips at the very bottom of the bag.  Disappointed much? One of the best lessons … More Potato Chips