Post Grad Life| Workin’ that 9-5 (pounds)

Then there’s Friday. Glorious Friday. When you’ve been spinning on the hamster wheel all week, Friday comes in like a knight in shining armor, saying, “hey beautiful. You wanna go to happy hour? They’ve got half priced margaritas? You deserve it. You’ve had a long week.” Sometimes, Friday says, “I’d really love to cuddle up with you on the couch tonight and watch bad independent films together. Pizza or Chinese?” Either way, Friday is not telling you to be healthy or make good choices. … More Post Grad Life| Workin’ that 9-5 (pounds)

High School Drama Never Ends So What Makes Adult Life Better?

Girls everywhere sitting alone at lunch tables and not getting invited to parties are waiting to graduate. Why? Because they’re under the hopeful, misguided perception that when you graduate, you ascend into a utopia where people respect each others’ differences and there are no more mean girls. I’m here to tell you, the lie detector … More High School Drama Never Ends So What Makes Adult Life Better?

Fin de siècle

So I’ve finally finished my first degree. It has been a long, hard, winding road filled with ups and downs, tears, doubt, uncertainty, growth, change, and discovery. It has sucked. Some parts have been great. But mostly, it has sucked. Sorry this isn’t the typical “we made it!” speech. I didn’t really enjoy my college … More Fin de siècle

Back 2 school

Today was the first day of classes for me. It was a pretty good day. Honestly, class didn’t start until 2:30 so I had time to eat, do my mom’s hair,  workout (word to the wise: DON’T get off the wagon. Starting over SUCKSSSS), have my quiet time, pack food and make myself look presentable. … More Back 2 school