To Be or Not To Be [Vegan]?

I know it’s inflammatory to say, but I’m pretty sure the entire internet has gone vegan. The other day one of my friends posted on Facebook that she went to her usual farmer’s market and he was out of stock on a lot of the items she usually buys. Between all my favorite YouTube gurus … More To Be or Not To Be [Vegan]?

#AmbitiousGirlProblems|Gimme Some Sugar Daddy

Deep-but not too deep- down inside every ambitious girl is the ever hovering, ever vexing knowledge that she could easily  trade in her Miss Independent sash for a Sugar Daddy. I know what you’re thinking. What happened to independence and girl power? Listen, if you’re like me and you’re in your early twenties, that means … More #AmbitiousGirlProblems|Gimme Some Sugar Daddy

The Media’s Role in Civil Rights with Touré recap

Recently, I attended a lecture put on by the University of Texas at Dallas’ diversity department. Journalist,author, and MSNBC host, Touré came and spoke to students and alumni about the role the media has historically played in the civil rights movements for African Americans, The LGBT community, women, Latinos, Native Americans, and the Arab Spring.  … More The Media’s Role in Civil Rights with Touré recap

Potato Chips

The big Family Size bags make you salivate as you get ready to pop! the bag open and dig in. Of course, then you realize that it’s mostly air puffing that bad boy up and there’s only a few measly chips at the very bottom of the bag.  Disappointed much? One of the best lessons … More Potato Chips