It’s Just Water

Recently, my team moved from the 4th to the 6th floor. They call this “The Penthouse” because it houses the execs. Not much differentiates the 6th floor from the 4th except the breakroom. Filled with snacks, and more free soda than anyone should have access to, I try to avoid the place. However, my recent … More It’s Just Water

Ice Angel

I think I met an angel. Yesterday afternoon I exited my church and briskly walked to my car, which had been parked for hours. Why so briskly? Because I  live in Texas where the weather is predictable, but only because we expect it to change drastically constantly. I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday that felt like … More Ice Angel

Open Diary: Perezosa

*Transparency alert!* I believe that I was designed to be excellent. The problem is that excellence takes a whole lot of work. I don’t know where I got this laziness from. Both of my parents are very hardworking people. Perhaps my life has been too easy? I don’t know. The point is: I’m over myself. … More Open Diary: Perezosa

Open Diary

I’m not dead, I’ve just been gone for a while. I can’t spill the minute or grandiose details of what’s been going on since my absence. Just know that things are changing. I feel like my life is in a little bit of an uproar right now. If I can survive these midterms and my mom’s birthday … More Open Diary