Oh She Grows

  I stripped it all away. The issues I thought I had were only the surface level, easy to deal with things that get lots of reposts on Instagram. I dared myself to dig deeper. Every crutch, every quick fix, every distraction I had grown so fond of was nowhere to be found, and all … More Oh She Grows

It’s Just Water

Recently, my team moved from the 4th to the 6th floor. They call this “The Penthouse” because it houses the execs. Not much differentiates the 6th floor from the 4th except the breakroom. Filled with snacks, and more free soda than anyone should have access to, I try to avoid the place. However, my recent … More It’s Just Water

How Your Drama is Fuel for Your Destiny

As much as I’d like to credit my own wisdom and will power, the real things that catapulted me into this season of growth stem from the frustration and disappointment I had because of the drama in my life. I got tired of it all. It forced me to remove myself from certain situations. It forced me to focus on myself and my goals. It forced me to stop hiding, and bending, and bowing, and to stand up tall. … More How Your Drama is Fuel for Your Destiny