Jamaican me crazy!

This past weekend I went to din din with my sisters and tried Jamaican food for the first time. I’m shocked it took me so long! I’ve had Nigerian, Ethiopian, Thai, Cuban, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Cambodian, and all types of other food, so I don’t know why it took me so long to get some … More Jamaican me crazy!

Ice Angel

I think I met an angel. Yesterday afternoon I exited my church and briskly walked to my car, which had been parked for hours. Why so briskly? Because I ¬†live in Texas where the weather is predictable, but only because we expect it to change drastically constantly. I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday that felt like … More Ice Angel

More Braids

Went to Houston with my darling. Had an amazing time, as always. I love road trippin’! His sister hooked me up with some braids that WON’T rip my hair out. That’s right, I’m kickin’ it old school with the cornrows and LOVING IT! EZ (his nickname for today lol) was inspired by my braids and … More More Braids

Back 2 school

Today was the first day of classes for me. It was a pretty good day. Honestly, class didn’t start until 2:30 so I had time to eat, do my mom’s hair, ¬†workout (word to the wise: DON’T get off the wagon. Starting over SUCKSSSS), have my quiet time, pack food and make myself look presentable. … More Back 2 school