A Time to Hush

I spend too much time explaining myself. While this is a natural occurrence for a writer/blogger, because writing is a form of explanation anyway, this is more so a symptom of the fact that I talk entirely too much. My mouth is like the race horse that everyone bets big money on. It runs, honey. I am opinionated and passionate, which can be a blessing and a curse.

I, generally, have no problem speaking up when it comes to things I truly believe in. I have no problem remaining silent when it comes to matters I couldn’t care less about. My problem is the gray area.  Navigating that space between knowing I can say something but deciding whether or not I should say something is hard for me.

Over time (and I mean long, extended, painful periods of time) I have learned that everything does not require my commentary. I have hurt feelings, fueled disagreements, and swallowed my feet on multiple occasions because I just “had to get it out.” I’ve come to realize that just because I want to say something, doesn’t make it necessary. Just because something is true doesn’t make it beneficial to share. Just because I think something doesn’t mean those around me need to hear it. I’ve realized that it is nothing more than insecure ego that risks unnecessarily hurting feelings, damaging people and relationships, and jeopardizing my character just to have the last word. And even though I fail at it a lot of the time, I’m learning- however slowly- to take the high road.

I, of all people, know the power of words. I want to use them to speak truth, to elevate, and to create life. How are you choosing to use your words? Are you creating beauty or darkness in your world?

Here’s an acronym I learned in one of my education classes. It’s time to put it into practice.


xoxo Kaisha


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