Post Grad Life| It’s My Workiversary!

This past week I celebrated my first full year in my first big girl job. You know, I’ve gotta say it’s been amazing. I’ve already mentioned countless times that I’ve been undeservingly blessed with this job. But that’s the way God works. Forever my connect. I’ve learned a lot along this journey. Lessons that have bled into other areas of my life and that I’ll keep with me forever. I’ll spare you the laundry list and lump things up into 3 major points. Here’s what my job has taught me

Go the extra mile
I’ve already mentioned before that the “that’s not  my job” attitude will get you no where. If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me to do something that’s “not my job” in the past year I would be done paying back my student loans. Kid you not. In those instances, I did my research and talked to whoever I needed to talk to in order to get it done. This not only broadened my knowledge base, but it built up trust on my team and in my department. It helped me make a name for myself. Now, as I transition into a new role with more responsibility, there’s a lot I still have to learn but there’s also a lot I DON’T have to learn because I took it upon myself to do more than just my job.

The Tables Will Turn
Believe me when I tell you that starting from the bottom gives you efficiencies you won’t find anywhere else. Knowing the tiny details of how things work will better equip you to put the pieces together in the grand scheme.  It is very hard to assemble a car if you don’t know what the individual parts are and how they function.

When I started my job I didn’t know how to do much of the work. I took more notes than I did in college and asked more questions than 50 Cent. I was always chasing rabbit holes being put “in contact” with the people who could help me out. Now, I am one of the people that others contact when they have questions. I get a ton of  “can you help me” emails a day. Now, I am somebody’s contact, and even though it can be challenging, I love that feeling. I remember what it was like needing help all the time and I gladly return the favor.

Balance is Key
I’m fortunate to work for a company that strictly adheres to a work hard play hard policy, but for those who have more rigid  work environments, always remember to take care of yourself. Nourishing your spirit is of the utmost importance. I’ve been doing this by choosing to work from home on Fridays just to be able to enjoy the sunlight and have some downtime while I still get business handled. It also gives me time to do my weekly manicure and facial.

There was a time when I struggled with time management and felt like I was really losing myself because I felt like I had to do it all at once. But I came to realize that balance is a myth and you have to ebb and flow as necessary. I’ve been able to fulfill my creative needs ever since. In addition to my job, I’ve been blogging more steadily, writing more music, and have even gotten a chance to work as a writer for Be Great Magazine. These are the things that keep me sane and make it worthwhile. You have to do your things as well.

xoxo Kaisha


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