It Goes Down in the DMV

I promise I am not being insensitive to the emotions people are feeling right now. I just want us to take a break from the heaviness of this election. I figured what better way than to talk about my trip last weekend to the capital.

Before we get started I want to acknowledge that I am probably the worst travel blogger there ever was. I refuse to take pics on anything other than my old IPhone and I get caught up in the moment and miss some really nice photo ops. I feel weird about asking people who aren’t a part of my blog life to take pictures so it’s a little difficult, but I try, y’all. I’ll do better next year. Let’s get to the nitty gritty.

JO and I left for DC before the crack of dawn and landed at about 10:30 am Eastern time. The sunrise is cool on land but it’s really cool in the sky. We had several hours to kill between picking up the rental car and check-in so we did what any couple of nerds would: The Smithsonian. Followed by a stream of monuments and street vendors. Someone is going to hate me for saying this but DC street dogs are better than NY street dogs. Sorry not sorry.

We stopped at JO’s mom’s job for hugs and kisses and then went to China Bay for Chinese carry out where I got my first (but not last) real steak and cheese sandwich. Y’all, I thought Texas had everything. I thought wrong. I devoured that sandwich while JO ate his wings and mumbo sauce, which I may or may not have eaten as well.

Later that night we went to his cousin’s surprise birthday party at Granite City. It’s safe to say that he was surprised because he ran and jumped into JO’s arms when he saw him. Nothing like bro love. I won’t show a picture of the boob cake because my mom will get mad, but it was there and it was scrumptious. The night ended with lots of catching up and lots of foolery. Twas beautiful.

The next day we hung out with Mark (JO’s cousin) and went to lunch, then made our rounds visiting his family. The DMV is an interesting place. They don’t have the freeways that I’ve grown accustomed to in Dallas. It would take us 15 minutes to get 3 miles down the road there. Very different. BUT there were so many colorful fall trees to look at that I almost didn’t mind the drive. Also different, the gentrification. In Dallas, there is a contrast but it’s a pretty clean city overall. In DC, the disparity is so evident it will literally make your stomach churn. That’s a different post for a different day.

Later that evening we went to the National Harbor and rode the Ferris wheel. Totally out of the norm for me. I have a mild fear of heights and ledges, but Chicago helped me out with that. It was so pretty. The only thing that would have made it better is a sunset so that we could have well-lit pictures. Then we went to Crab Cake Café and had the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten A LOT of crab cakes in my day.

Saturday we went to lunch with JO’s cousin and his girlfriend at Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria, VA. I’ll keep my comments about the food and service to myself, but I will say that the scenery was gorgeous. We spent the rest of the day driving through the city visiting relatives, and sight-seeing. I got to see where JO grew up and the schools he went to. And more Chinese carry-out. Oh and Rock Creek Peach. Google that!

We got to spend an extra day in DC because we were able to get our flight changed to a later time so we had brunch with JO’s cousin Toya in Georgetown and did a little shopping (and paying way too much for parking. SIXTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS). Then we made our way to the airport and headed home.

I, for some reason, always get a bitter sweet feeling when coming home from a trip. I’m always sad to say goodbye, but excited to get home. DC was no different. I learned a lot this trip. I have been deeply touched and inspired by it.
Xoxo Kaisha





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