Chasing Mavericks


Why’d you panic?

Fear I guess.

One thing you gotta know. Fear and panic- two separate emotions. Fear is healthy. Panic is deadly.

If you’re scared to death, how do you  not panic?

By identifying the fear and what you’re afraid of.

These words came from the movie Chasing Mavericks when a surfing protege encounters a shark while under water.
While these lines came from a movie (based on a true story),they can be applied to real life.

One of my themes for 2014 is “Fearless”. This doesn’t mean that I will not be afraid of anything. It more so means that I will not let fear control me. I’ve already started practicing. I’ve noticed that when I question and dissect my fears, they become far less threatening.


I was afraid of birds until I got up close to one and saw that it was beautiful. I was afraid of roaches until I consciously registered that they couldn’t harm me. The list goes on and on.

See the point? Fear is normal. Some fear can be healthy since it seems to heighten your senses and make you more alert and aware. However, fear should not be the deciding factor for the choices we make.
Be fearless.
Xoxo Kaisha

Just keep swimming!

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