Goal Check!

Today I woke up and realized that it’s officially August. It made me think of just how quickly time is passing by. I immediately began to think about the goals I had set for myself this year.

As Eric Thomas would say, we’re almost in the fourth quarter. It’s hard to get things started at the end of the year with all the traveling and holidays and inclement weather. So, before we get into the fourth quarter, if there’s any resolution or goal that you set and haven’t started working on, now is the time.

New Year’s resolutions can be helpful,but I’ve come to believe that it’s better to set and work on goals all throughout the year. Plus, spiritually, I feel that it’s a set up for failure to try to start something new in the middle of winter when everything is dead.

I know I’ve been holding pretty close to my goals. So for me it’s time to kick it in high gear.

What were you supposed to work on this year? Have you started? If not, there’s no time like the present. Let’s be honest, you don’t know what life is gonna hit you with? Don’t wait for the “big moment”. Start today!
If you’ve already started working toward your goals. Keep pushing!!

Xoxo Kaisha

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